Ms Wei Sien Gan

Food Science

- Master in biotechnology major in Food Science, RMIT, Melbourne

- Involved in water treatment research by Melbourne Water

- Health consultant of Australia Nutrition and Wellness Association

With her extensive experience working in research and food quality testing laboratory, she is
well aware there are various preservatives, additives, pesticides being added into the food chain in our daily life. This will lead to accumulation of potential toxicity in our body and eventually
develop chronic diseases in long term.

Great understanding of food safety and quality in the food industry makes her an expert in
knowing the deficiency of micronutrients in our diet nowadays, accompany with her passion in
nutrition and zealous desire to help people she care, now she must bring the awareness of
degenerative diseases prevention to the people around her so these people able to help the
people they care as well

Currently, she runs community public health seminars in Malaysia and Melbourne Australia to
share her knowledge on nutritional science. And she believes with the right education, the
awareness of true health to the public can be achieved

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