Fitness & Nutritional Coach- Rocky Ng


- Former professional X-game athlete

- 2011 IFBB Australia Male 70kg 4th place

- Australia Nutrition wellness Association Main Speaker

- Professional Personal trainer Cert 3 & 4 of Personal training by FiaFitnation

- Australia registered Nutritionist Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics by FiaFitnation

-  WE magazine - writer of Health Fitness column


- Search4warriors Online Transformation Coach 


Nutrition, health, malnutrition, sub optimal health, wellbeing and fitness... these words are already as much a part of our everyday vocabulary as good morning and good night. Although the words are thrown around casually in our day to day, we realise that we don't know as much about health as we think we do. When asked the what's and the how's, we turn silent unsure how to answer, all except for nutritionist, personal trainer to the Stars and body builder coach, Coach Rocky. We are extremely honoured to have Coach Rocky with us today health event, sharing with us all the one lesson we all need to know - Nutrition and Health.

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