Health Management, Nutritional & Beauty Consultant

Beauty and Nutritionist 


- Honorary Lecturer of  Australia Nutrition and Wellness Association

- ACI Certified International Nutritionist 


- Skin Nutrition and Beauty Consultant


- Global transformation program Search4Warriors Ambassadors


- Former International Makeup Artist 

As a former International Makeup Artist, Ivy understands the most beautiful skin is formed by optimum internal health. She knows the secrets of maintaining amazing skin and "freezing" age! She hashelp many people to improve their inside-out health conditions, which has given people a chance to gain their self-confidence back! Ivy has been conducted many health talks, nutrition classes and health expos with ANWA in many different countries such as Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Mainland China, to educate people how to achieve optimum health condition and anti-aging in a healthy and easy way.

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