Vice President of ANWA Dr. Reece

Biochemist and Cell Biologist


- PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Monash University

- PhD research focuses on Diabetes Pharmaceutical Pre-clinical Novel-Drug Research

- Postdoctoral research focus on Breast Cancer Metastasis and Cell Biology research

- Lifestyle and Micro-nutrients Health Consultant of a global fitness transformation program, search4warriors lifestyle program. 

- Education program officer of the Australia Nutrition and Wellness Association 


As a former Biochemist and cell biologist, Reece has established herself to advocate science-based nutrition and lifestyle intervention to help people to move towards better health. She has all her passion in the science of nutrition and cell biology to help people understand how to gain optimal health.  She is gifted with strong influence since young growing up in a family who runs the biggest organic farm and resort in Malaysia. She has a wealth of knowledge when it comes to the correct science-based nutrition.


She is also one of the key leading committees of the Australia Nutrition and Wellness Association with the passion to inspire more people to be the best in health they can be. Often she runs community public health seminars in different countries, mainly Melbourne and Malaysia and she is also involved in one of the international medical charity association, focusing to input knowledge in nutritional support for cancer patients.

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