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ANWA Vision

The Australian Nutrition and Wellness Association (ANWA) works together with a group of medical specialists, nutritionists, scientists, nurses, skin care experts and personal trainers. These specialists and health experts all have different expertise and background and work together to promote correct health and nutrition concepts that general public can implement in their daily lives. Our ultimate goal is to promote optimum health in everyone so that everyone can enjoy high quality of life. 



Vice President of ANWA Dr. Reece​

Biochemist and cell biologist


- PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology,

  Monash University

- PhD research focuses on Diabetes

   Pharmaceutical Pre-clinical Novel-

   Drug Research

-Postdoctoral research focus on Breast

  Cancer Metastasis and Cell Biology 


President of ANWA
Dr. Chen

- Western medicine, Chinese Medicine

  and nutritional medicine integrated


- Specialized in acupuncture, internal  

   medicine and Neurology 

- Focus on natural treatment and

  preventative medicine


Vice President of ANWA Ms. Karen

Biomedicine and Biological Chemistry


- In 2004, she graduated at Canterbury

  University with a double degree in

  biomedicine and biological chemistry

- Previously worked at central Taiwan

   academic research centre in Noble

   prize winner Li Yuan Zhe’s team’s

   laboratory, focused examining the

   invasion of Klebsiella disease,

   genomics and invention in creating


Dr. Hui Ting Ho

Biochemistry and Cell Biology

- PhD in Biochemistry and Cell Biology,

  Monash University​​

- PhD research focused on female

  reproductive biology​

With more than 10 publications in international science journal

Featured in Malaysia newsletter before

Dr. Kheng



- Microbiologist, post-doc researcher 

   and lecturer in the prestigious

   University of Melbourne.

His research focuses on oral bacteria interactions and their effects in human health. Over the years, he has published numerous peer reviewed journal articles and won several presentation awards.



Dr. Duangporn

Genetics and Cell Biology


- Ph.D. in Genetics and Cell Biology

- Ph.D. Research on gene therapy

   approaches for a genetic blood

   disorder "thalassemia" at the

   Murdoch Children Research Institute

- Postdoctoral research in genetic basis

   of male infertility (Monash University)

Dr Shuly​ Lim

Reproduction and Ovarian Cancer


- PhD in reproduction and ovarian

   cancer from the University of

   Adelaide and won the postgraduate

   achievement and all around awards

   upon completion among all the local



Then she works as a postdoctoral Research Fellow in Monash university focus of male and female infertility while supervising PhD students from different part of the world including IVF doctor. 

Mr Rocky Ng

Fitness & Nutritional Coach


- Former professional X-game athlete

- 2011 IFBB Australia Male 70kg 4th


- Professional Personal trainer

   Cert 3 & 4 of Personal training by


- Australia registered Nutritionist

   Diploma of Nutrition and Dietetics by


Dr Lillian Chuang

Food Science


-PhD in Food Science graduated from Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University 


-Food Research and Innovation Centre Technical Officer (Part of Biosciences and Food Technology - Food Technology and Nutrition) for 12 yrs at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University 


-Assisting in Food Technology and Nutrition Postgraduate students research industrial projects and undergraduate students studies 

Ms Ivy Choy

Health Management, Nutritional & Beauty Consultant

- ACI Certified International Nutritionist

- Honorary Lecturer of  Australia 

   Nutrition and Wellness Association

- Skin Nutrition and Beauty Consultant

- Former International Makeup Artist 

Ms Wei Jin Chin

Biochemistry and Genetics

- Bachelor of Science, Degree with 

   Honours, majoring in Biochemistry

   and Genetics (The University of


- Worked as a researcher in

   Immunology Department of The

   University of Melbourne

Dr. Lin Faun Chang

Clinical Nutritionist 


- PhD in Medicine, University of


- PhD research on macronutrients

   versus chronic inflammation, gut

   hormones, diabetes and coronary

   heart disease 

- Founder of Nutrimed Health


 Ms Carmen Wong

Physiotherapist and Lymphoedema Therapist

- Bachelor of Physiotherapy, University

   of Melbourne

-Specialising in orthopaedics and


- Recovery Consultant of a global

   fitness transformation program,

   search4warriors lifestyle program


 Mr Terry Liang

Fitness & Nutritional Coach

- ACI Certified International Nutritionist

- Global transformation program   

   28DTC nutrition and fitness


- Health speaker of Australia Nutrition

   and Wellness Association

Ms Ming Chu


- Bachelor of Pharmacy 

- over 10 years experience as a

  community pharmacist 

- area of interest: how high quality

   nutrition supplements can

   compliment medications and help to

   improve quality of living

Mr Andy Cheung

Health Management, Nutritional & Fitness Consultant

- ACI Certified International Nutritionist

- Australia Nutrition & Wellness

   Association Honorary Speaker

- International Athletes Health &

   Nutrition Consultant

- HK & Chinese Record Breaker to

  World Cup and NBA as International

  Basketball Referee

- Hong Kong Basketball Association -

  Referee Committee & Instructor

- Former Hong Kong Basketball Team


Ms Poo Sher Lin



- BSc(Hons), Chemistry, Universiti

   Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR),


- Malaysia registered Industrial

   Hygienist, Type 1

Ms Wei Sien Gan

Food Science

-Master in biotechnology major in Food

  Science, RMIT, Melbourne

-Involved in water treatment research

  by Melbourne Water

-Health consultant of Australia

  Nutrition and Wellness Association

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