Mr Andy Cheung

Health Management, Nutritional & Fitness Consultant

- ACI Certified International Nutritionist

- Australia Nutrition & Wellness Association Honorary Speaker

- International Athletes Health & Nutrition Consultant

- HK & Chinese Record Breaker to World Cup and NBA as

   International Basketball Referee

- Hong Kong Basketball Association - Referee Committee &


- Former Hong Kong Basketball Team Player

As a professional Health and Nutritional educator & consultant, Andy has helped many people to improve their health condition with his expertise and knowledge. He is helping not only professional athletes but many people about degenerative diseases, pregnancy, baby, cancer, ...etc

He has been invited by many Health and/or Fitness organizations in different countries such as Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, Taiwan, Dubai, Bahrain, Qatar, ...etc to provide nutrition and health talk in order to educate people with health management knowledge.

Andy is one of the most famous professionals to provide personalized health planning combining diet, sleep & stress management, exercising, and professional nutrition arrangement in order to prevent and improve to the best health condition.

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